Part of achieving a healthy lawn is soil conditioners, which are treatments that balance your soil's pH and improve its overall structure. As a result, it boosts your turf's ability to absorb vital nutrients and resources. To achieve this, soil conditioners typically contain minerals like calcium sulfate, calcium, and sulfur. Here in South Dakota, you'll want to apply these treatments three times a year, in early spring, late spring, and early fall, to keep your soil healthy and set up your lawn for success throughout the growing season.

What are soil conditioners?

A soil conditioner is an amendment treatment that helps improve the structure of your soil and balances its pH level. Its pH impacts your lawn's ability to intake nutrients and resources; anything lower than a 7 on the pH scale is acidic, while anything higher is considered alkaline. Whether the soil is acidic or alkaline, your turf has trouble accessing everything it needs. Fortunately, that's where a soil conditioner comes in! Not only does it keep those levels balanced, but it also improves soil structure. As a result, it loosens compaction, which aids in proper air circulation, water retention, and drainage, plus allows your lawn to absorb and maximize the nutrients it receives. With these benefits, the overall health of your grass is bolstered.

What do soil conditioners typically contain?

Soil conditioners typically contain minerals that help achieve the desired result, specifically a balanced pH and high-quality soil structure. Many soils are alkaline here in South Dakota, so these treatments usually include calcium sulfate, calcium, and sulfur. Also known as gypsum, calcium sulfate aids in correcting soil pH, alleviating compaction, and improving soil structure. Similarly, calcium plays an equally vital role in these functions and makes nutrients more readily accessible to your lawn. Sulfur aids in chlorophyll, amino acid, and protein production and photosynthesis.

When should you apply soil conditioners to your lawn?

To ensure your soil stays healthy and your lawn is set up for success, you should apply soil conditioners three times a year, in early spring, late spring, and early fall. The early spring application will improve its overall quality to help it welcome the new growing season in great shape, while the late spring treatment will build off the last and ensure your turf can intake everything it needs in preparation for the stressful summer season. Finally, the early fall treatment will give it optimal conditions to fortify its strength before winter dormancy. Regularly applying soil conditioners to your lawn will make a noticeable difference in its health.

In addition to soil conditioners, you should treat your soil with microorganisms, microbe food, nutrient enhancers, and micronutrients to bolster its health.

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