If you want your lawn in South Dakota to look and feel healthy, liquid aeration is just what you need. Liquid aeration involves applying a special solution that creates channels in the soil, enabling air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. It's important to note that it's a slow burn, meaning it gradually improves the soil, so it can take anywhere from 1-2 months after the application to notice the results. However, the effects can last for months. For the best results, it's recommended to apply a liquid aeration treatment in the spring to help your grass start the new growing season on the right foot.

How long until results from liquid aeration are noticed?

After applying a liquid aeration treatment to your lawn, it may take some time for you to see results. Liquid aeration involves applying a special solution across your lawn, which penetrates the soil and creates pores that allow resources like sunlight, water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach its roots more easily. However, this process is not immediate and might take anywhere from 1 to 2 months before you begin seeing any changes. It is crucial to understand that liquid aeration is a long-term solution for soil compaction, and it takes time to make your soil more porous.

How long do the effects of liquid aeration last?

Healthy, green lawn in Sioux Falls, SD.

Liquid aeration is a slow burn, meaning it gradually improves the soil over time rather than yielding near-instant results. Because of this, its effects can last for months! However, you'll want to continuously apply this treatment so that it builds off the previous and keeps improving soil health; after all, liquid aeration isn't a one-and-done solution but rather a long-term remedy. On the other hand, its effects may not last as long for lawns with heavy compaction and thick thatch, as it'll likely need more than one treatment to completely loosen and break it down.

When should you liquid aerate your lawn?

It is recommended to liquid aerate your lawn in the spring. It goes dormant during the winter to preserve its energy and resources, meaning as it emerges in the spring, it'll be weak and need help getting back into good condition. Applying a liquid aeration treatment at this time will do just that by providing better access to the resources and nutrients it needs to recover from winter stress. This can help ensure your lawn is revived and set up for success for the new growing season.

In addition to the spring, you can apply a liquid aeration treatment in the fall or during both seasons for even better results!

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If you want to give your lawn the improved ability to absorb vital resources so it becomes its healthiest, look no further than our liquid aeration service! Our team at Sharp Lawn Care utilizes a highly effective liquid aeration treatment to loosen compacted soil and improve resource access to the roots of your grass. Additionally, this service is available in the spring and fall, as these are great times to apply this treatment. You can also pair fall liquid aeration with our overseeding service, as it'll give the new seeds optimal conditions for germination and establishment. That way, you can boast an equally healthy and thick turf! We serve residential and commercial properties, as well as HOAs, in Sioux Falls, SD, and nearby areas like Tea and Harrisburg. We also provide this service in Sioux City, IA. Call us today at (605) 251-6880 to schedule our liquid aeration service if you're in the Sioux Falls, SD, area, and if you're in Sioux City, IA, you can call (712) 253-8024 to get started.