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Why Choose Sharp Lawn Care?

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Professional Employees

  • At Sharp, we use our core values as the foundation for hiring. Those core values form the acronym GREAT: Good, Real, Efficient, Advantage, and Trustworthy. In emphasizing Good, we practice treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves, i.e., the Golden Rule. Integrity and honesty make us Real. Our unceasing drive to be better makes us Efficient, providing value you can’t beat creates Advantage, and we prove we are Trustworthy by delivering consistent results that build confidence.
  • To maintain a professional appearance and foster trust and reliability, our employees always wear Sharp Lawn Care uniforms when they are on the job. With Sharp, you never have to wonder who those people on your property are.
  • For our employees. Sharp Lawn Care is not a paycheck; it’s a career. We offer a career track that provides incentives for growth and advancement. Employees invested in their work also do better work, and ongoing training allows for certification as a Master Sharp Lawn Care Certified Technician.
  • Pay is another thing we don’t take shortcuts on when it comes to our staff. If we want the best, we realize we have to pay well, and anyone meeting the qualifications to represent Sharp Lawn Care and serve our clients receives excellent compensation, which helps us retain the very best.
  • Expertise matters. Before any employee can work as a pesticide applicator, they must undergo training, testing, and certification through our in-house training and the Iowa Department of Agriculture.


  • Uniformed professionals for trust and reliability
  • Employees invested in a career, not a paycheck
  • Expert and ongoing training for the best care
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Guaranteed Work

  • Quality, value, and trust are always our top goals for our clients, and we don’t compromise on any of them. That’s why we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

    Anything we have to fix, we fix at no additional cost to you. If for some reason, we can’t fix it, we’ll pay someone who can.
  • If a problem arises during or after a job, we won’t delay; we’ll get it taken care of right away.
  • Sometimes we’re working at a property, and we notice a problem. Whether it’s something we did or if something else caused it, we’re going to let you know, and we’ll make recommendations about what can be done.
  • The same goes for noticing something a lawn needs or a potential spot of concern. Even if it isn’t a “problem,” we’re still going to tell you about it.

    All of our products are professional-grade. In making sure that all of our services are the best available, we cut no corners when it comes to expense, quality, and attention to detail.

    Since weather can affect our work, we pay close attention to what the weather is doing, and we plan around it. Knowing the importance of lawn care timing, we always perform services at the prime times and the proper intervals.
  • In so many ways, we go the extra mile that most others won’t. Just one example of many: if we notice weeds that are tough to kill, we’ll perform spot spraying to get rid of them instead of leaving them, which most other services will do. Another example is how we pick up trash and other debris in a yard before we leave, even if we didn’t put it there.

    The pursuit of quality never ends, and we always strive to be even better. We regularly use pictures, videos, and random checks to provide quality control and improve upon what we do.


  • 100% loophole-free satisfaction guarantee
  • Immediate attention if there’s a problem to address
  • Going above and beyond the competition to provide the best value and care
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Prompt Communication

  • No phone tag, snail mail, or other delays for receiving an estimate. Because we use satellite technology to create estimates, we deliver them quickly via text or email.
  • Having to wait and wait for a response is frustrating, so we don’t sleep on the communications end. We’re diligent about checking emails, telephone messages, and other communication channels so that someone gets back to you quickly with the information you need.
  • When we’re in the office, we actually answer the phones! If we’re getting more calls than we can take all at once, we get back to you promptly when you leave us a message. Or if we see a missed call.
  • Any problem you tell us about won’t be ignored, and we’ll always let you know about any problems that we see.
  • Even though we set schedules for dependability and consistency, we can remind you before we come out to your property through your choice of a phone call, text message, or email.
  • After we do a treatment on your property, you’ll know we were there to keep our promise to you because you’ll find a hanger message on your doorknob and a sign in the yard announcing we were there and what we did.
  • The job isn’t done until we know you’re 100% satisfied, so we’ll follow up quickly with a request for feedback after we service your property.


  • Accurate estimates via satellite technology delivered quickly through text or email
  • We actually answer phones and check messages
  • Clear communication before we come out and after we finish the work
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Competitive Pricing

  • On a continuing basis, we sharpen pencils with our vendors. By doing this, we can continue making sure that we are passing on value to our clients through the best products and the best pricing for them.
  • Although our prices may not always be the lowest offered, one reason for that is paying our employees very well, which translates to better quality, a stronger work ethic, and a sense of pride in what they do, all of which pay off for your property’s appearance and value.
  • Utilizing the best technology and always looking to improve efficiency are ways to reduce our overhead and lower your costs. Technology also allows us to deliver fast, accurate estimates by assessing property measurements via satellite.
  • We lower costs on your end by using email invoices, auto-charging of credit cards, and other paperless practices that reduce the use of and need for traditional office supplies. And by doing that, there’s the satisfaction of knowing it’s not just your grass we’re helping keep green.
  • All clients have access to our online portal for their convenience, where they can log in to view and manage their accounts.


  • Lowering our costs to lower yours without sacrificing quality
  • Use of technology for better accuracy and efficiency
  • Ensuring the best products at fair pricing for optimum results
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Core Value-Centered

  • Our core values can be summed up as GREAT: G for Good, as we treat clients and employees the way we would want to be treated; R for Real because we are about integrity and honesty; E for Efficient since we are always trying to get better and always trying to deliver the best value for the cost; A for the Advantage you get from the value that’s hard to match or replace; and T for Trustworthy because our reliable results give you confidence in what we do. These values guide all of the business decisions we make.
  • Part of our commitment to being GREAT is ensuring quality after we finish a job. To do that, we use before-and-after pictures and verification of GPS records to make sure we did the job right.
  • At Sharp, we’re a family and a team. As such, we support each other through excellent company-wide communication and a commitment to ensuring everyone has what they need to deliver the care we guarantee.
  • Our passion for lawn care doesn’t stop when we leave a property. Because we have a dedication to transparency and education, we have a growing Learning Center on our website that features articles detailing tips, tutorials, and tricks of the trade. It’s our way of empowering you and helping you understand why and how we do what we do.
  • As a company that takes pride in who we are and our work, we have our employees always wear uniforms and drive trucks with Sharp’s name and branding on them. That’s also a way of providing you security since you know who it is showing up on your property.

    Our clients’ properties receive the same respect our own do, and whenever we see we have to notify a client about something, we do it promptly. That’s part of our commitment to transparency, integrity, and individual care.


  • Our core values are GREAT: Good, Real, Efficient, Advantage, and Trustworthy.
  • Quality control upon and following completion of work
  • Working as a team to deliver the value we promise to you
Sharp Lawn Care branding
Sharp Lawn Care branding graphic
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100% Sharp
Lawn Care Guarantee

We’re committed to being the best and providing the best, which means we stand behind all the work we do. If you aren’t fully satisfied with our work, we’ll make it right at no additional cost to you. In the incredibly unlikely circumstance that we can’t fix it, we will actually pay someone else who can. Now that’s value and peace of mind you can rely on!

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Road Map to a Beautiful Lawn

Sharp Lawn Care mascot pointing out a road map to a beautiful lawn.
Lawn Road Map: Step One

Aeration is the First Step

Aeration removes soil cores that can prevent sunlight, water, and nutrients from penetrating the root structure. It promotes lush, healthy grass that’s a great defense against weeds and insect pests. This should be repeated every spring and fall. Learn more about aeration.

Lawn Road Map: Step Two

Fertilization & Weed Control Strengthen Your Lawn

Throughout the season, fertilization and weed control strengthens your grass and kills weeds, which opens the area for more grass to grow once planted in the fall. This should be repeated every season—more on fertilization and weed control.

Lawn Road Map: Step Three

Overseeding Promotes New Growth

In fall, the weeds are under control, the pests are mostly gone, and there are still several weeks of temperatures and conditions ideal for growth. That makes it the only perfect time for overseeding so that you get great new growth ahead of winter and are ready to go the next spring. One other thing to mention is the type of grass seed, which is the most important thing to consider. Choosing the correct seed will give your lawn a better growth habit and improve wear, heat, and drought tolerance. This should be done every fall until thick and then every 3-5 years, or as needed. Get the full story on fall seeding.

The Homeowner's Portion

Lawn Road Map: Step Four

Keep Your Grass at the Proper Height

Keeping your grass at the proper height for the season has two benefits: it provides shade for the roots during the hotter months and reduces other stresses that can cause damage. During spring and fall, keep it at 3 ½ to 4 inches; go up to 4 ½ inches during the summer. Regardless of length, never cut more than 40% off at once. How to do mowing right.

Lawn Road Map: Step Five

The Right Amount of Water

Adequately water, but don’t overwater. Water 2 or 3 days each week, with an inch per week being the average in spring and fall and up to 2 inches when it gets hotter in the summer. Save water and money by watering early in the morning before evaporation kicks in—more watering tips here.

Lawn Road Map: Step Six

Enjoy Your Beautiful Lawn!

This road map to a beautiful lawn is really a formula we’ve developed and honed for nearly 2 decades now. Working together with you, we’ll follow this plan, and you’ll see a beautiful lawn in just 1-2 seasons. Better yet, we’ll keep it that way!

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