Lawn Care Careers in Sioux City, IA | Sharp Lawn Care

Why Work at Sharp Lawn Care?

Rewarding Growth Opportunities

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Competitive Pay
  • Excellent Company Culture
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Levels of Achievement and Accomplishments
  • Unlimited Growth

On-The-Job Experience

  • Learn from your peers and supervisors

Job Skills

  • Punctuality, cooperation, teamwork

Life Skills

  • Communication, confidence, responsibility

The Opportunity to Work with Friends

  • Receive bonuses when your friends join our team
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Provide My Own Transportation?

No! Our crews travel to each job site in Sharp Lawn Care vehicles. All you need to be responsible for is getting to the office.

Where Will I Be Working?

Exact specifics depend on where you are employed, but you will be working in local residential communities.

Can I Work with My Friends?

We understand that working with people you know can make a job more enjoyable, and we encourage you to invite your friends to join our team.

Is There a Uniform?

We will provide Sharp Lawn Care branded shirts, hats, and sweatshirts made available to purchase at a minimal cost. The employee is responsible for work attire pants, foul weather gear (e.g., rainwear), and any additional clothing items for cold weather.

How Will My Rate of Pay Be Determined?

Each job category has a range of pay associated with it. Variety of factors including:

  • Years of proven experience for the job you are applying for
  • If you qualify and meet our procedures to drive company vehicles
  • Your knowledge and ability to operate equipment classes
  • If you have special licensing, such as a CDL, Pesticide Applicator’s License, ISA Arborist Certification, etc.

Ideal Applicant


  • Must be consistent and dependable without constant oversight

Team / People-Oriented

  • Must be willing to work as part of a team near others. Must be excited to learn and share knowledge amongst all members of the Sharp Lawn Care team.

Adaptable / Flexible

  • Enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction


  • Must have the ability to notice details while carrying out tasks

Work Abilities

  • Work in or around situations near streets or parking lots with direct automotive traffic
  • Work near or around rivers or other bodies of water
  • Able to work overtime or extended shifts if required by Management
  • Ability to work in extreme weather conditions – working temperatures may be between 0 and 100 degrees.
  • Ability to work in direct sunlight for extended periods of time
  • Ability work in various weather situations, including extreme cold or wintry precipitation
  • Ability to consistently lift and carry 50 lbs.
  • Ability to bend, kneel, stoop, and twist continuously throughout the workday

Image Compliance

  • Maintain a clean, neat, and professional image through the use of approved Sharp Lawn Care uniforms

Equipment Management

  • Accountable for neglect and abuse of assigned equipment

Winter Season Operations

  • Plow snow using trucks or loaders
  • Shovel snow using hand shovels or snow blowers
  • Apply salt and other deicing agents to paved surfaces
  • Assist with pre-storm preparedness
  • Assist with post-storm cleanup, repairs, and maintenance

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