The winter season here in South Dakota can be challenging on your shrubs, so you'll want to equip them with everything they need to survive. Because of this, fertilizing them in the fall is a must! A fall fertilizer treatment will provide nutrients essential for building up the health and strength of your shrubs in preparation for winter dormancy. Organic fertilizers are ideal because, in addition to macronutrients, they also contain micronutrients that benefit the overall health of your shrubs, improve soil structure, and are better for the environment. To ensure they have enough time to absorb the nourishment from the treatment, you should apply it between late October and late November.

How will a fall fertilizer treatment benefit your shrubs?

Your shrubs go dormant during the winter to preserve their resources and energy to help them survive this challenging time. However, fertilizing them in the fall will give them an even better chance of transitioning into this season in prime shape, increasing their likelihood of making it through until spring and bouncing back quicker. A fall fertilizer treatment will provide vital nutrients that build up their health and strength in preparation for dormancy. It'll also encourage the development of deep, robust root systems, which they need to store more nutrients and other resources, plus fortify their resilience to winter stressors, such as disease and cold temperatures. That way, they can endure harsh conditions and reemerge healthier and in better condition at the start of the new growing season.

Use an Organic Fall Fertilizer for Your Shrubs

The best way to yield optimal results for your shrubs is to use an organic fertilizer for the fall. In addition to containing essential macronutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus, organic fertilizers include micronutrients that help your shrubs gear up for the impending winter. Not only that, but they also improve soil structure, meaning their roots can better absorb water and nutrients; this is especially crucial right before dormancy to ensure they can access everything they need. Additionally, organic fertilizers are significantly better for the environment, as they don't contain harsh chemicals that can run off and pollute nearby waterways.

Some micronutrients organic fertilizers provide to your shrubs include calcium, iron, sulfur, and magnesium.

When should you apply a fall fertilizer treatment to your shrubs?

The best time to apply a fall fertilizer treatment to your shrubs is between late October and late November. Administering the treatment during this period will give them enough time to absorb and maximize the nutrients they receive before going dormant. That way, they can get the most out of the fall fertilizer. If you were to apply it any later, your shrubs may have already gone to sleep, meaning it'll render the treatment ineffective. On the other hand, fertilizing them too early may not carry them until the following spring. Timing is everything with the fall treatment, and applying it somewhere between the latter part of these months is ideal.

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