Grubs are a common issue for property owners in South Dakota and Iowa. To determine if you have a grub problem, keep an eye out for certain indicators. Firstly, if your lawn feels spongy or can be lifted like a carpet, it may signal a grub infestation. Secondly, an influx of animals can be indicative of these pests, such as raccoons or birds that like to feed on them. Additionally, the presence of brown patches throughout your lawn suggests grub damage. Finally, if you spot actual grubs when inspecting your soil, there's likely an infestation. If you notice any of these signs, you'll want to contact pros immediately to eliminate them before they cause any more damage to your turf!

Your lawn may have a grub infestation if it feels spongy when you walk on it and lifts up like a carpet.

Two tell-tale signs that your lawn may be infested with grubs are when it feels spongy when you walk on it and can be lifted up like a carpet. This unsettling sensation occurs because grubs feed on the roots of your grass, causing them to become weakened and detached from the soil. As a result, you may notice this spongy feel that indicates that the roots are no longer firmly anchoring your lawn into the ground. Additionally, it may come up easily when you lift part of it, as these pests make it more susceptible to being easily uprooted.

If you see an increased presence of animals on your lawn, it may be infested with grubs.

Another indicator of a grub infestation is an increased presence of animals on your lawn. Animals like raccoons, skunks, and birds are known to be attracted to grubs as a readily available food source. They have a keen sense of smell and can detect the presence of grubs beneath the surface of the soil.

Their foraging activities can further exacerbate the damage caused by grubs, leading to larger areas of dead or dying grass. Therefore, it is crucial to address grub infestations promptly to not only protect your lawn but also minimize the attraction of these animals to your property.

Your lawn may have a grub infestation if you notice brown patches popping up.

The appearance of brown patches on your lawn is another tell-tale sign of damage caused by grubs. As these voracious larvae feed on the roots of your grass, they disrupt the crucial supply of water and nutrients that the grass needs to thrive. This disruption leads to sections of your lawn turning brown and eventually dying off.

The brown patches may initially appear small and isolated but can gradually expand and merge together as the grub population grows and continues to feed. The damaged areas may have an irregular shape and can be found throughout the lawn, indicating the widespread impact of the grub infestation.

If you see grubs on your lawn, there's likely an infestation.

If you suspect that grubs have infiltrated your lawn, you can conduct a straightforward test to verify their presence. Begin by selecting a spot where you suspect grubs might be residing. Using a small shovel, dig up the area and carefully examine the soil for the presence of white, C-shaped larvae.

While it's important to note that a few grubs are typically present on healthy lawns without causing significant harm, an excessive population can lead to extensive damage. To determine the severity of the infestation, count the number of grubs you find within a one square-foot area. If you discover ten or more in this limited space, it is a strong indication that your lawn is indeed infested with grubs.

Some professional lawn care companies offer preventative grub control treatments to stop grubs from feeding on the roots of your grass in the first place.

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