The winter season in South Dakota and Iowa can be incredibly harsh on your lawn. Without the proper preparation, your property could be a mess once spring arrives. Fortunately for you, there are 3 key ways to help prepare your property for the winter season to ensure no significant damage is caused. One of the ways you can prepare your property is to mow your lawn to the correct height. Having it too short or too long can cause significant damage when colder weather arrives. You should also fertilize your lawn in the fall to give your grass the vital nutrients it needs to make it through the winter season. What's more, a snow removal service is essential during the winter to keep you and your property safe.

1. Be sure your lawn is mowed to the correct height.

Mower cutting grass to a lower height for strength in the comming winter months near Sioux City, IA.

Mowing your lawn to the correct height doesn't only improve its appearance, but it also keeps your grass healthy. If your grass is too short in the winter, there is a good chance the freezing temperatures will damage the roots of your grass. If it snows and your grass is too tall, the grass will soon become matted, collect moisture, and be susceptible to diseases. This will cause many more problems once the spring season arrives. However, mowing your lawn at the proper height positions it to succeed in the months ahead. As you prepare for the winter, you should reach out to professionals to make sure your lawn is mowed to the correct height.

2. Have your lawn fertilized in the fall.

Lawn fertilizer in a green healthy lawn in autumn near Sioux Falls, SD.

Your lawn will be under a lot of stress during the winter, so it's critical that it is as prepared as possible to withstand the colder temperatures and potential stressors. One of the best ways to help your lawn get ready for winter is to fertilize it in the fall. Your grass will receive the essential nutrients it needs to survive the winter with the help of high-quality fertilizer treatments. These treatments will strengthen your turf so that it can endure the harsh temperatures and recover better than ever come spring.

Most fertilizers contain 3 important nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous.

3. Sign up for a professional snow removal service.

Snow plowing with a snow blower for a residential home owner in Sioux Falls, SD.

Because the winter season brings heavy snowfall, it is important to sign up for a professional snow removal service to keep you and your property safe. Snow removal professionals will remove snow from the hardscapes on your property, including sidewalks, entrances, and driveways. This will save you valuable time trying to shovel all of the snow yourself and help keep you and those around you safe from any slip-and-fall accidents that may occur. Because snow removal companies book their services quickly, be sure to sign up as soon as possible to ensure your property will be cared for during the winter season!

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