Weeds are sneaky plants that spread quickly and sometimes disguise themselves as turfgrass or even pretty flowers. However, it is extremely important to get rid of them when you find them because they actively steal essential nutrients from your grass and desired plants, thus decreasing the health of your lawn and also your curb appeal.

Common weeds that we find in the Sioux Falls, SD area include quackgrass, goosegrass, ground ivy, and wild violet. Learn about these 4 weeds, what they look like, the conditions that they thrive in, and what to do if you find them on your property.

Common Weeds in Sioux Falls, SD

Goosegrass weeds in a lawn in Hartford, SD.

The most persistent and common weeds that we have found in the Sioux Falls, SD area include quackgrass, goosegrass, ground ivy, and wild violet. These weeds spread quickly and are sometimes sneaky in the way that they can easily be mistaken for pretty flowers or turfgrass. It is important to know what these weeds look like and the conditions that they thrive in so you can identify and eradicate them as soon as they begin to grow on your property!

  • Quackgrass - This weed is known for its stubbornness and ability to spread quickly. It is easy to mistake quackgrass for normal turf, so it is important to keep your eye out for distinctive signs of the weed such as its wider blades. This weed is also allelopathic, meaning that it releases a chemical that inhibits the growth of grass and even other weeds around it.
  • Goosegrass - Goosegrass loves areas that receive high traffic. This weed also thrives in lawns that have compacted soil and poor grass cover. Goosegrass is identifiable by its whitish stem.
  • Ground ivy - Ground ivy is also known as "creeping Charlie." Although it might technically be edible and give off a nice mint fragrance, it's actually a very invasive weed that you should remove! It loves healthy, fertile soil and grows pretty much anywhere, from your backyard to pastures to waste grounds.
  • Wild violet - Wild violets bloom pretty, purple flowers, however, it's smart to get rid of them because they are technically a weed that steals nutrients from your other plants and can quickly take over your lawn. They typically grow in moist, shady areas.

What should you do when you find these weeds on your lawn?

Technician spraying lawn for weeds in Sioux Falls, SD.

The first thing you should know about handling persistent weeds like the ones listed is that you should never hand-pull them. We understand that it can be tempting to pull as many out as you can, but we strongly suggest that you don't. Hand-pulling weeds often makes the issue much worse. As you pull them from the ground, you will unintentionally spread their seeds which will grow into more weeds. Additionally, it is extremely hard to get every bit of the root out when you hand-pull it from the top. As long as a tiny part of the root is still intact, the weed will end up growing back.

So, what is the solution? Call a professional! Professional lawn weed treatments will take the headache out of dealing with stubborn weeds and leave you with grass and plants that don't need to fight for nutrients. A lawn care company will use a post-emergent treatment on weeds that are actively growing on your lawn and you'll have a weed-free property in no time.

Are you dealing with stubborn weeds? Call our team today for treatments!

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