Fertilizing your lawn is an important practice because it replenishes the nutrients in your grass to keep it green and healthy. But have you ever stopped to wonder what’s in the fertilizer you’re using? Fertilizer is packed with a plethora of nutrients that benefit your lawn; however, three essential nutrients stand out from the rest. Those three nutrients are nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

Nitrogen helps your grass become dense and maintain its green color. Potassium increases your lawn’s stress resistance against environmental conditions, which is perfect to help your grass endure the harsh winters we have in Sioux Falls, SD. Lastly, phosphorus primarily helps establish strong roots in new grass. Keep reading to learn more about these three essential nutrients that can be found in your fertilizer!

Nitrogen will stimulate grass growth for a dense and vibrant lawn.

Nitrogen is considered by many to be the most important nutrient for your grass because its purpose is to stimulate grass growth. Nitrogen is a key component when it comes to the formation of proteins in plants, which is integral to their health since protein makes up the tissues of most living things. Your grass will absorb more nitrogen than any other nutrient to help it grow. Nitrogen is responsible for producing dense, green lawns, so you want to make sure you’re consistently supplying your lawn with it.

When your lawn doesn’t have enough nitrogen, it will appear yellow and thin, which can result in weed growth and vulnerability to turf diseases. Therefore, you should supply your lawn with nitrogen to keep it safe and healthy!

It is possible to apply too much nitrogen, so make sure you are consulting your local lawn care professional before adding nitrogen to your lawn.

Potassium will increase your lawn's stress tolerance and disease resistance.

Handful of potassium nutrient that is in fertilizer in North Sioux City, SD.

Potassium is second only to nitrogen in terms of importance. Potassium activates enzymes that are used in protein, sugar, and starch synthesis, making it integral in strengthening your lawn against several types of environmental factors. This means potassium will increase your lawn’s resistance to diseases while also strengthening its stress tolerance. By supplying your lawn with potassium, you’re preparing it to endure those more stressful periods during the year: the cold winter and the heat of the summer.

Phosphorus promotes strong root growth and can help establish new lawns.

Vibrant and healthy lawn after fertilizer treatments in South Sioux City, NE.

Last, but certainly not least, there’s phosphorus. Phosphorus is the third essential nutrient found in most fertilizers, and it’s used to help maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. However, phosphorus shines the brightest when it’s used to establish a new lawn. Phosphorus is a primary component of nucleic acids, assisting in the growth of grass seedlings. It helps your lawn develop a strong root system in your soil, so incorporate a healthy dose of phosphorus when establishing a new lawn. After your lawn is established, only modest amounts of phosphorus are needed to keep it healthy.

All fertilizers are labeled with an N-P-K ratio that tells you the percentage of nutrients it contains. "N" is for nitrogen, "P" is for phosphorus, and "K" is for potassium.

Don’t deprive your lawn of essential nutrients. Call us to enroll in one of our lawn fertilization programs!

Lawns need nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to thrive. Applying fertilizer will supply your lawn with essential nutrients so that your grass can grow dense and strong while also increasing its resistance to diseases and environmental stressors. At Sharp Lawn Care, we offer three different lawn fertilization programs to suit your needs. We service properties in the Sioux Falls, SD area, including Tea and Harrisburg. If you're in this area, then call us at (605) 251-6880. We also service properties in the Sioux City, IA area. If you're in this area, then call us at (712) 253-8024.