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Your lawn is alive, and not just with grass. It’s also home to many species of insects. Some of them are pests, and all of those pests are harmful to either your lawn or you.

Here are some examples of pests that damage the lawn and what they do:

• Armyworms, cutworms, and sod webworms– eat grass and leaves.

• Billbugs (Weevils)– As grubs in their larval form, they eat grassroots. As adults, they eat grass.

• Chinch bugs– Tiny and hard to detect. They eat grass and leaves and can cause a lot of damage.

• White grubs– Maybe the most common lawn pest insect in western Iowa. They eat grass roots and cause significant damage to the lawn.

There are two other problems associated with these pests:

• The damage they cause can resemble the damage that drought and weeds cause, making it harder to detect the pests. Sometimes that can mean fighting back ineffectively. For example, treating a damaged spot with herbicide and then a fertilizer does nothing if insect pests are the culprits.

• Some of these pests are tasty to animals like skunks, raccoons, and moles. To get at them, though, that often means they dig up the turf or burrow into it. Also, skunks spraying and raccoons getting into trash bins can be problems.

Then we have the insect pests that can ruin your time outside with their buzzing and biting, and many of them seek ways to get inside. Their itchy bites can irritate you for days or weeks. Sometimes, these pests cause harm by transmitting diseases. Common ones:


Probably second only to mosquitoes as unwanted outdoor pests. They don’t transmit diseases, but some species have painful bites. And, of course, they can turn an outdoor dining experience miserable.


Their itchy bites don’t transmit diseases but can take up to a few weeks to heal. Infections can result from scratching the bites.


Their itchy bites mostly affect our furry friends, but they bite people as well, and they can transmit typhus and tapeworms.


The ones that most likely to drive you indoors on a beautiful day or evening. Their bites are not only maddeningly itchy but are known to transmit dangerous viruses as well.


Black widows and brown recluses are venomous enough sometimes to be fatal to humans. Even other species can deliver painful bites that can lead to swelling, rashes, and illness.


Ticks are well-known carriers of Lyme disease, which can take a long time to cure.

Professional Care by Sharp

Chances are, you’d rather not deal with these pests. You don’t need the lawn damage, the itchy bites, and the risk of diseases, and you’d rather not have them around at all.

A convenient solution might be to go to the local store and buy some pesticides, but do you have the time to get the right ones? Do you have the time and the know-how to identify the hidden pests that are damaging the lawn? Would you prefer not to be responsible for proper use, storage, and disposal that can cause environmental harm if they get into waterways or become airborne? Are you that eager to handle chemicals that can be incredibly harmful if accidentally ingested, or gets onto the skin, or into the eyes?

Sharp Lawn Care has been a Sioux City industry leader for over 15 years now. The eco-friendly whole-yard pesticide treatment we offer will keep you and your loved ones safe from both the pests and the chemicals, protect your lawn, and not harm the environment.

We’re also thorough in ways not all other companies are. When we come out, we don’t just treat known problem areas. Part of our service is an inspection for other sites that might attract pests. Dark or damp areas, lawn edges, and areas bordering damaged spots are examples of such places.

Besides just the pesticide treatment, we have different levels of packages combining routine maintenance, weed control, and pest control. One of these packages might be the perfect one for your needs and your budget.

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Please note: We mentioned mosquitoes, but our whole-yard treatment only kills mosquitoes that land in it. To deal with them specifically, we have an eco-friendly treatment available separately or as an add-on. Ask us for details!

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